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Our Owl Barn Market is opening this Thursday with fresh produce including southern Ohio corn & tomatoes!


Now is the time to SAVE on spring bloomers!

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 Dayton Nursery is a complete nursery & garden center located in Norton, Ohio.  Seasonally our sales yard is stocked with our famous home-grown evergreen Azaleas plus hardy trees, shrubs, roses, grasses and 800+ varieties of perennials.  Fertilizers, mulches, garden decor and more are also available to accomodate all your landscape needs.

Let’s get growing!

At Dayton’s we grow in the greenest way possible using recycled water, solar energy and biocontrols to elimiate or reduce chemical use.  These methods help to produce some of the best quality plants we can offer to you.  For those plants not grown on property, we source the entire country for the best of the best. Mission Statement

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June 22, 2019

Looking for plant pictures, availability and pricing?  Look no further than our 2019 Plant Catalog…

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Check back weekly for new updates.

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