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September 30, 2016
Last weekend’s Mum Fest in Barberton was a smash hit especially with cool fall weather and sunny skies. The acceleration of the opening of chrysanthemum flowers is nothing short of amazing with the accompanying cool nights of below 55º F.

Cool nights and ample moisture are now ideal for planting all kinds of trees, shrubs and perennials as root growth will expand significantly until the ground temperature falls below 40º F. Conversely, as light levels and the day length decreases, top growth of these plants slows and eventually ceases and seems to contribute to the acceleration of the plant’s roots as long as the soil temperature is sufficient for growth. The advantage of fall planting is that before a hot, dry summer the result will be an explosion of healthy growth in spring due to the establishment of the plant from this fall planting. Read entire blog entry...

  Why Igloo Mums?
Unlike other garden mums, these are hardy and will return year after year!  Their domed habit creates a mound of 2 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide.

Mass them in mixed borders with ornamental grasses, asters and stonecrops. In containers they look handsome when accessorized with a variety of gourds and small pumpkins.

More about Igloo Mums




OCT 1 - Plant your favorite tree in order to establish by spring
OCT 1&2  -
Norton's Cider Fest
OCT 3 -
Stop watering Christmas Cactus for 30 days for better bud set
OCT 4 -
Spray foliage plants with insecticide before bringing indoors
OCT 5 -Ohio's state apple Melrose has ripened
OCT 8 -
Rake debris away from German Iris to lessen destructive borers
OCT 9 -Cut back foliage to 3" on German Iris
OCT 11 -
Pot up Holland Bulbs for indoor forcing
OCT 12 -
Dig and store tender bulbs and tubers after hard frost
OCT 13 -
Repot stored Amaryllis bulb for Christmas blooms
OCT 15 -
Plant Holland Bulbs for spring blooms
OCT 16 -Apply Plant-tone or Holly-tone for fall feeding



All OCTOBER Garden To-Dos
All NOVEMBER Garden To-Dos


  Stop flipping through garden and plant books!  Use our always updated plant encyclopedia to easily find plant names, descriptions, flower color, bloom time, pruning information, fertilizing information, insect & disease control, and much more!  All plants listed are only those you can find at our nursery, assuring you healthy, zone 5 hardy plants.




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