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  It is proven that fall is the most effective time of year to plant new trees and shrubs and certainly re-seed a lawn or start a new lawn.  Plants put into the ground anywhere from late August through late October in our zone are often treated to a less stressful environment.  Rains are normally sufficient this time of year and the new plantings do not require as much irrigation as they would in the heat of the summer.  Temperatures are also more moderate, with mild days followed by cool nights.  Soil temperatures are optimal for root growth while the outside temperatures allow for the plants to slowly harden off the top to prepare for the winter months.  Roots will continue to grow well into November and even December. 

So what are you waiting for???

  SEP 16 - Seed a new lawn or over-seed an existing lawn
SEP 19
- Treat lawn for rust if occurs
SEP 26
- Start feeding houseplants with low ammonium fertilizer
OCT 3 - Norton's Cider Festival, through October 5th
OCT 4 - Stop watering Christmas Cactus for 30 days
- Spray foliage plants with insecticide before bringing indoors and leach out
               excess fertilizer salts
- Rake debris away from German Iris to lessen destructive borers.
               Cut back foliage to 3 inches.
OCT 11
- Pot up Holland Bulbs for indoor forcing
OCT 13
- Dig and store tender bulbs and tubers after hard frost

All SEPTEMBER Garden to-Do's
All OCTOBER Garden to-Do's

  A weekly blog from Tom Dayton....
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September 26, 2014
The fall festival last Saturday definitely was a big hit as all the different centers of activity were busy all day long. Especially entertaining was the Outback Ray Show with all his animals and his own antics keeping the crowd mesmerized during each showing.  

The weatherman’s “promise” of good weather on Saturday came true but the  prediction of rain and thunderstorms did not unless one-tenth of an inch of rain counts. A good rainfall of one to two inches is sorely needed but the forecast through the weekend is sunny and dry. At least the sunny forecast is a good thing for the Mum Fest coming up this weekend. The festival will be packed with out-of-town visitors from other states along with the locals. Read entire blog entry...

  Stop flipping through garden and plant books!  Use our always updated plant encyclopedia to easily find plant names, descriptions, flower color, bloom time, pruning information, fertilizing information, insect & disease control, and much more!  All plants listed are only those you can find at our nursery, assuring you healthy, zone 5 hardy plants.

Check out the lists:
Trees & Shrubs
Ground Covers
Ornamental Grasses
Plants lists by Common or Latin Name


  Looking for information on what fertilizers to pick, how to fertilize your lawn or what soil supplements to add?  Check out these new links:

Organic Gardening
Garden Fertilizers
Lawn Fertilizers
Soil Conditioners & Supplements

Insect Control
Disease Control
Weed Killers & Lawn Weed Killers
Soils, Soil Amendments & Potting Mixes
Mulches, Stones & Gravel

Pest Control (moles, ground hogs, deer, squirrels, etc)

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