This year has been a surprise at the nursery as cut trees have seen a bump in sales as evidenced by the few trees left in the sales yard. Even with the so-called “shortage” reported in the news, trees are still around at garden centers and cut-your-own operations.

Although artificial trees have the advantage of convenience and ease of decorating, it seems for many folks that a real tree is still the only way to go.

The argument for the artificial line of trees is that growing a tree just for the Christmas season only to be thrown away is a waste. However, while the above facts are true, the tree to be cut would not have been planted at all and during its long growth period of 7 years or more, the tree provided erosion control, shelter for birds and other animals and produced oxygen that we all need.

Poinsettia sales have been brisk as well as the crop this year has been the best ever with huge large flower bracts, dark green leaves and the common size of a 6” pot having at least 5 to 9 large blooms.

At the end of the day on December 29th the nursery will close until the beginning of March and will begin a period of winter seminars, repairs, building projects and endless greenhouse chores.

Long office hours too await to place the books in order to complete 2017 taxes, plus budgeting for the upcoming season, reviewing incoming purchase orders for plants and the construction of the new 2018 online color catalog plus additional updates to the newly re-designed website.

Without winter, I wonder how all of the above would ever get done.