After finishing up all plant orders for spring of 2018, now is the time that we’re working on 2019 items. Previews of new plants for 2019 appeared at the nursery trade show in Columbus two weeks ago and included numerous introductions by Walters Gardens of Zeeland, Michigan. Then there are the never ending new introductions by Chris Hansen also of Zeeland, Michigan. The Hotcake series of Ice plants are definitely an improvement over more familiar varieties as they are more compact and ever so much more all summer blooming machines.

A new magnolia is one called Libby that is a southern magnolia (grandiflora) and winter hardy to climatic zone #5. Another beauty is a sweet bay magnolia that is compact and upright which would make it more “agreeable” to plant around the foundation of a house. Another flowering tree of interest that will be available for this spring is the Pink Cascade Weeping Cherry. This flowering cherry is different from previous ones available in that it has a more defined habit of the well-known Snowfountains Cherry which definitely will subdue the height of this new variety.

The very fragrant apricot colored rose called ‘At Last’ will be new this spring and with great winter hardiness as it is on its own roots.

The spring of 2019 is not the limit of our future view but even beyond as we strive to see what is in the pipe line of new and existing varieties of plants. No doubt the new “stuff” sparks the interest of gardeners as the same old “stuff” doesn’t fly all the time.