With the abnormally warm weather, outdoor chores continue. However, thousands of now rooted cuttings of various annual flowers remain in what are called “plug” trays and are ready to be transplanted mostly into hanging baskets. Then we must take thousands more of geranium cuttings as the stock plants from which we took cuttings three weeks ago have now grown enough to be stripped again! Next week, several thousands more cuttings will be delivered that must be stuck into the cell plugs immediately without delay.

This time of year is when we must prepare and remit several reconciliation forms for the local, state and federal government concerning payroll taxes, Ugh!

Another development at the nursery has to do with a trunk line sewer that will run over a thousand feet across the nursery property in order to connect the allotment called Brentwood Estates in Norton to sewers. Right now, the allotment does have a well functioning sewage treatment plant. However, the costs are high for its operation compared to the main treatment facility in Barberton. In addition, according to the Barberton Utilities Director, the sewer will be large enough for future expansion of sewers in the area. The hope is that maybe one day then the severely polluted Van Hyning Run will run clean again as the coliform count from septic systems is quite high according to a test we took to the Summit County Health Department a few years back. The construction will not disturb our irrigation system as the construction will bore underneath our six inch supply line for the nursery water and under a high voltage electric line that supplies power to the water pumps. The downside to the construction is that an easement of thirty feet must be maintained for future access of the trunk line in which some beautiful sugar maples and wild black cherries will be destroyed.

With the greenhouse work continuing, educational conferences, trade shows, seminars, budget and tax work and repair projects, the myth that I go to Florida for the winter should be dispelled by now. What a busy winter!