As the temperatures finally warm up and sunshine returns, the stock of plants overwintered are thirsty for water as well as for spring.  Water is probably one of the most important elements of the nursery business and huge amounts of it are needed during the growing season.

Planting of thousands of herbaceous perennials goes on as well as in the greenhouse of annual flowers as more and more shipments and now rooted cuttings need processed into larger containers.  The first shipment of trees arrives next week from Oregon and must be handled quickly as the bareroot trees are very sensitive to their roots drying out.

Later this month many more bareroot trees and shrubs will arrive to be planted as well as balled and burlapped stock of trees and shrubs that will be temporarily stored in our movable roof structure called the Cravo after the Canadian manufacturer that still makes them.  The structure closes during periods of cold weather and the retractable roof can be opened in good weather as well as roll-up curtains on the sides to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air.  The Cravo is especially helpful in late spring when the azaleas come into bloom and a frost at night is expected that would shrivel the blossoms.

Needless to say, it is not even spring but the nursery operations are on full throttle!