The cooler weather or down right cold for May has put a halt on planting of the heat loving vegetable plants and annual flowers. The colder weather in May though is not anything new as in 1996, the Saturday before Mother’s Day experienced a high of 40ºF with a slow, steady rain all day!  Then if that weren’t enough two successive nights the temperature dropped to lows of 21º F!  This week has been warming up finally although rain has continued with some sun peeking through the clouds.

Disease control of the graymold called Botrytis has been easier with our newest weapon which is the salt, Calcium Chloride.

Soon we will start our plantings of a late batch of flowering hanging baskets for late June and July sales.  Dragonwing begonias, petunias, calliope geraniums and new Iconia begonias for shade will be the main fare.  Developing nicely are our flowers in an 8″ pot that will be just in time for Memorial Day.

The azaleas are still holding their bloom as the Korean lilacs get ready to bloom as a tree form or shrub with their heddy fragrance.  The foliage on the colorful shrub is beginning to brighten even with the lack of much sun!

Soon our new planting of small fruits will be ready with several varieties of raspberries and one of blackberries.  The blueberries are putting on nice growth even with the cooler weather and soon will be in full bloom attracting lots of pollinating bees to ensure a good crop of healthful, delicious berries that are considered a powerful brain food.

The greenhouse looks so clean and fresh in the morning as well as being well-stocked but by the afternoon it looks as though a tornado has swept through as customers select the flower and veggie plants they want.

Trimming, weeding, planting and fertilizing still go on behind the scenes to supply of steady upcoming stream of trees and shrubs.

We have also completed spraying a product called Koolray to select greenhouses that will help mitigate the intense rays of sun to keep plants (and people) cooler by reflecting the sun’s rays.

A I always say, so much to do and so little time.  Happy planting.