As the rain continues for Ohio and surrounding states, problems for farmers have grown worse as the crops they have managed to plant are suffering because of constant soggy soils. Three days at least are needed to make hay so that without sun, hay making is impossible due to the wet conditions that would cause hay to become moldy when baled. Another factor affecting hay is the fact that the ground is so saturated that even with some sun even an extra day may be needed to allow the mown hay to dry before baling. Soybeans are used in many products and corn is used extensively for animal feed and by the looks of the unplanted fields and poor crop conditions, it seems these items along with hay will be in short supply this year causing prices to rise due to the law of supply and demand.

At the nursery because of the need for irrigation with constant rain and continual captured runoff, our irrigation pond is basically full instead of ¾ full at this time of year.

This week in the news was the announcement of Donzell’s Garden Center after 66 years of business at their location on Waterloo Road in Akron. While a long time competitor, Donzell’s, along with other area garden centers were our go to location when we did not carry or out of stock as we would regularly call them to help customers in their quest. Donzell’s was well known for their gift department along with their nursery stock and wonderful greenhouse open in winter. I personally will miss them and my joking with the former manager Wayne who I told that I would send customers to Donzell’s that were looking for Cannabis sativa. On a serious note, I considered Donzell’s as part of the family of garden centers that struggle against the large chains that have the advantage of “pay by scan” which means that they do not pay for the product until purchased by the customer as well as many other advantages when doing business with big chains that smaller garden centers do not have. I wish the Donzell family all the best as they begin the process of closing their wonderful business started so long ago.