With this week being Fourth of July week, we are in the full throw of summer and with the accompanying heat and humidity of this hottest month of the year.  With the subsidence of frequent rain and torrential rains, most of the gardens are beginning to grow and recover.

At the Seiberling Farm in Norton, the sweet corn is surprisingly going to be close to a “regular” schedule as the first harvest most likely will be the week of July 15th according to Chuck Seiberling.  For now, the Owl barn market will purchase Ohio sweet corn from Marietta before Seiberling’s sweet corn is ready.

Preferably, the rain will not stop completely and we’ll be blessed with one inch every week and temperatures in the 80’s.

At the nursery, another crop of hanging baskets from our rear greenhouse has matured so that we have loaded the upper greenhouse with these baskets of geraniums, petunias, angelonia, coleus, double impatiens and summerwing begonia so that there are baskets for shade and some for more sun.  The calliope brand of geranium though will take full sun or moderate shade.

Shrub propagation will commence in about 10 days and include azaleas, some hydrangea, Hypericum, Viburnums, Spiraea and then some.  Also the Blueberry Fest will be here on the 20th with no charge for admission! We hope the festival goers  like the grounds as we finally had some time to spruce things up!

Well happy gardening and see you at the festival!