Tomorrow is the 9th annual Blueberry Festival with hayrides, food, music, children’s activities and of course blueberries. Entrance admission is free except the purchase of food or nursery stock from the nursery portion as all events will largely center around the Owl Barn Market full of fresh, luscious produce. Many vendors of food will be there including Sassy Dog of Norton so that plenty of prepared ready-to-eat food will be available. Preparation for this event is a harried one to say the least as there is limited time to set up early the morning of the festival.

At the nursery, more and more stock is becoming saleable including more beautiful tree hydrangeas. What a lovely small tree for full sun or light shade! Most of these small trees will grow to about 10 feet and show off their white blooms and in most cases fading late to pink.

Along the road, the large Hydrangea ‘Vanilla Strawberry’ have begun to bloom white and will be followed by their blush of strawberry pink shortly. Full sun, winter wind and even occasional road salt in winter does not seem to bother these ironclad beauties.

Another round of various shrubs too is just about ready although some will not be placed out for sale until next spring as they continue to receive successive trims to enhance their framework.

The rain received this week was welcomed as it has replenished even more of the life giving water for irrigation.

The festival begins at 10 a.m. tomorrow and we hope to see you there!