While Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, the actual end is the Autumnal Equinox of around September 21st when the sun’s rays focus on the equator making the daylight hours of duration the same all over the earth. The shortened daylight duration is already affecting a shutdown in growth and to be followed by the coloring of trees that will end with the shedding of their leaf canopy.

Right now trees are expanding the caliper of their trunks just before the impending shutdown for winter as plant roots get ready for a flurry of growth with all the stored starches resulting from the summer growing season and high rates of photosynthesis.

At the nursery, the “big” sale was a success that many customers found good buys on many items and now the sale is open to all non-garden club members. The advantage of being a garden club member is that when special sales or events occur at the nursery, garden club members are notified by email and have the opportunity to take advantage of the bargains as well as our spring newsletter with its coupons.

Besides mums, new ready to sell stock is still being brought out to the sales area as the tree and shrub selling season will continue until the last week of October when we will begin to close things up for the impending cold weather.

Coming up on September 21st is our annual Fall Festival with activities for children and adults alike to be followed the next weekend by the Barberton Mum Fest centered around Lake Anna as it has every year since 1991.

Hope to see you at the Fall Festival!