New supplies of stock are arriving today of clematis paniculata covered in white blooms along with an interesting holly that is saturated with red berries.  Other interesting items are Magnolia with the dark purple Genie, yellow Sunsation and the white Dr. Merrill with a touch of pink and all in a tree form!

The chrysanthemums are accelerated in their bloom now and showing more color although there still are some green.

Flower bulbs from Holland arrived last week containing tulips, hyacinths, narcissus, Allium, crocus and miscellaneous bulbs in order to add to the fall interest.  Flower bulbs are best planted in October-November but selection is good right now for selecting desired varieties.

Another good buy is the Green Giant cedars in one gallon container that are $5.99 each when you buy 5 or more.  The small plants are quite deceptive as they’re growth is quite rapid as an 18″ Green Giant can reach 8 feet in five short years!

Time is growing short to deal with the lawn so that it’s important to get started on overseeding, aerating, thatching, etc. so that seed has time to germinate and thatched grass has time to recover.

Pumpkins have arrived along with corn stalks, mini straw bales, gourds and some other timely fall ornaments and just in time for next week’s fall festival.

Many of our spring orders are in for trees, shrubs, perennials, annual flowers and others are yet not completed as we wait for projected inventory lists for next spring.

Hope to see you at the festival with more parking available then last year.  We’ll see how it goes.  See you soon!