The Fall Festival is over for another year and now it’s the Barberton Mum Fest.  Tune into WAKR 1590 a.m. or 93.5 f.m. to listen in about everything mums as I interview the folks that plan far ahead to make the Fest happen.

Trimming of the tree hydrangeas has begun including the shrub types in the species called paniculata.  Next week will be the planting of the now rooted cuttings of the evergreen azaleas along with the receipt of what are called pre-finished poinsettias that are started and shaped by another greenhouse so that we may finish them onto a saleable size and bloom as the bracts that color will do so starting in early to mid-October.

Time is running out for the repair of the movable roof house we call the Cravo as the single wall polycarbonate has deteriorated from the sun and is cracking and breaking off.  On the east wall and gable end, the replacement is a double wall polycarbonate that is not subject to breaking and should last the remaining life of the structure which is most likely 30 years.

The hydrangea called Summer Crush with its raspberry red blooms is growing beautifully that will add another new color to our selection along with many other Bailey Nursery introductions.

Seem like spring is close and yet so far.