Another Mumfest is over in Barberton and from all the reports, the event to say the least was very busy! On Sunday morning the workers at the festival brought back 15 of our customer wagons with another day to go which was strange. After learning that all 6,000 mums had sold out on Saturday, then the return of the wagons used for customers to carry their mums made sense. At the nursery, mum sales have been brisk and so much so that selection is somewhat limited.

Nursery stock sales have been brisk as well with some stock still remaining that is on sale at 50% off. The landscape design business has been busy as many customers take advantage of our free design-sketch service in order to show how to landscape almost any particular area. No doubt, almost everyone that does not work with plants and landscapes day in and day out, would not be able to visualize an overview landscape plan such as we perform now.

This winter we will be working another landscape design aspect in which once completed a computer generated virtual tour can be given like an actual walk-around of the complete installed landscape. New powerful software will be required and much practice to use it properly so that it has become a winter project.

Another project for fall is the filming of new instructional videos such as planting and watering procedures that are specific to some plants including balled and burlapped trees, container trees and shrubs, ericaceous (acid-loving) plants such as rhododendrons, azalea and blueberries and finally the care and planting of small fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Our view is that more information on these and a wide variety of subjects will enable customers to be more successful with our products and add to our mission statement of:

To provide high quality products and related services through our nursery, greenhouse and garden center operation for the enhanced beautification of the homes and gardens of our customers and hence augment their pleasures in living.