With the time changing from daylight savings time to Eastern Standard time, the nursery hours have changed so that now on the weekdays we are only open to 5:30 p.m.

Next week we will finally be covering the overwintering houses after some freezing temperatures in order to place the plants more into dormancy. Especially important are the large-leaved or macrophylla hydrangeas that are now shoved close together and will benefit from a freeze that will turn the leaves to mush.

Inside the store the mice have been a problem especially with the death of our long time friend LB the cat that was a presence since he first came here as a stray in December of 1997.

Mice do make a good meal for other animals such as hawks, owls and fox as they struggle to find enough food especially in the winter. Rabbits have been a rare sight as well which may be due to the appearance of red fox that have moved in after an absence of a few years.

Next week too is the cutting of spruce branches in order to start construction on our spruce blankets so that our goal of having some on display and ready for delivery can be accomplished by November 20th or a few days before.

As the cold and then snow arrives, most outdoor work will cease and then the planning for next years gardens and landscape or improvements will be looked at again.