As we move along in November, necessary repairs and some improvements are just about wrapped up.  The greenhouse contractor has been working all this week to install the new four year clear poly ethylene tubes on the heated greenhouses.  The reason for the tube design is so that a small blower will inflate the two layers with about a three to six inch gap in between them that gives more insulation to the greenhouse roof where much of the heat will escape mostly at night.  A larger space between the two plastic layers would not increase the insulation properties as convection currents would set up between the two layers.

Poinsettias, while not fully in color yet, will be moved next week to the greenhouse adjacent to the store so that they will be ready for sale.  Because the plants are sensitive to light, the one security light near the greenhouse must be shut off in order to not extend the day length that would stop their progression for the increased color of the flower bracts.  The plants this year are at least twenty percent larger than last year for some reason although they are not overgrown and leggy as they have been given plenty of space for growth.

Our first cutting of spruce branches for our spruce grave blankets has been accomplished with many more successive cuttings to come as the manufacture of the decorations continue with many of them customized per the request of the customer.

Lastly, the seemingly never ending chore of flower bulb planting is nearly finished as another two thousand have been planted this past week bringing the grand total to a little more than 10,000 that will for sure dazzle anyone who sees them in bloom.

Most of our winter series of educational seminars are scheduled so that the list will be available on our website soon. We have also added special events such as the daffodil and orchid shows.  On our radio show too, several guests will be appearing throughout the winter as a variety of gardening topics are discussed.

That’s it for now!