While it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week, plenty still needs accomplished in the garden such as:

  1. Spray deer repellent on susceptible plants.
  2. Take a soil test and apply lime if necessary depending on the results of the test.
  3. Dig and store Dahlia and Canna tubers if not done.
  4. Hill up roses about 1 ft. with bark mulch for winter protection.
  5. Finish raking leaves off lawn and placing in a compost pile.
  6. Trim Oak trees if necessary during their dormant period.
  7. Erect windbreak burlap around or as a screen to protect broadleaf evergreens against salt spray and winter winds.
  8. Be sure to flush out excess salts of stored tropical plants with lots of water running through the pot.
  9. Trim dead flowers off hydrangeas to prevent snow and ice from weighing down branches.
  10. Start a gardening calendar of chores that are time sensitive or use Dayton’s online calendar.
  11. Cut your Christmas tree this weekend or next week to get your pick of a ready cut tree.
  12. Plant spring flowering bulbs before the ground freezes.

At the nursery, there’s many more things to do than the above list although we have already performed all these duties.

Unrooted cuttings from Central America come in next week as we are prepared for them and the taking of geranium cuttings afterwards.

Our Christmas trees are set up and plenty of poinsettias, greens and wreaths to go around as well as grave decorations for delivery or pickup .

Some snow would be nice though.