Well, today the annual flower house opens and as usual, it’s packed full of flower and veggie plants with at least 1,000 hanging baskets on display. This year though is a little different as our selection of tropical plants is much greater with at least one-third more than last year and more variety. I hope everyone will be amazed at the colorful display from which to choose.

The potting of plants is finally finished with the last order arriving from Canada of bare root trees and some container stock that is ready for sale. Ground covers have arrived this week so that now the nursery is relatively completely set up although we somehow are receiving orders for plants listed in our catalog as available much later in the fall or summer.

No doubt, almost everyone will find what they are looking for.

In the greenhouse, please remember that while open along with many other businesses, the Governor has set strict guidelines to protect the health of Ohioans and as he stated to balance the economic needs with the safety and health necessities.

Even with all the health concerns it is still a happy spring and happy gardening!