Business was a bit overwhelming last weekend as everyone seems to be planting something.  Some of you have complained about the lack of some customers not performing social distancing or our lack of requirement that customers wear masks.  While we do our best to enforce the recommendation of Dr. Acton, head of the Ohio Department of Health, we are not a police force with police power.  The Governor does not require customers to wear masks but does desire social distancing to continue. Our goal is that no more than 5 persons per 1000 ft² and with the perennial house at 14,400 square feet and the annual house at 17,00 square feet plenty of folks can enter as long as they practice social distancing.

For some reason, sales have been more brisk than usual in the rhododendron, azalea department so that we are trying to purchase the sturdy Rhododendron ‘Boursault’ and ‘Maximum Pink’ that are locally grown in the field in Lake County of Ohio.

Our large back stock of perennial flowers in our growing house and annual flower production house will at least serve us well by providing customers with a decent selection until at least mid-June.

Some of the balled and burlapped stock is another matter as most of the trees and shrubs cannot be dug due to tender growth and hotter weather. Soon though, our new production of container, shrubs and trees will be saleable about July 1st as the spring potted items become available at once.

We are for sure doing our best to be sure the supply continues and that visitors to the nursery remain healthy.

In Wolf Creek Gardens, the Eastern redbud are just finishing up their bloom time while the azaleas came out in full force.  Many of the rhododendron are showing just hints of color as their buds are mostly tightly closed.  Notice the frost cover that we have not yet had time to remove with the hectic spring season.

Our 1000+ pots of creeping phlox are all gone but we will be planting of few hundred additional later blooming varieties to extend the blooming season resulting in over 1500 plants!  The rain has been persistent this month but how much better than little or no rain.