I think the weeds in the sales yard and surrounding areas are on the run finally as the entire area looks much better.

Yet another load of Emerald Green arborvitae and Spring Grove western red cedars as well as rhododendron will arrive next week to keep the nursery well stocked. Our ornamental grass department had been decimated so that we had to purchase $1250 of grasses of wholesale value.

The last gasp of bloom of the rhododendrons in the Wolf Creek Botanical Garden will be done soon as the Rhododendron maximum comes into full bloom. My favorite of this species is Summer Glow which was bred by famed rhododendron breeder David Leach years ago. For years this bright pink bloomer for mid June has been out of stock but will be back in stock for the spring of 2022.

The grasses for potting up and growing finally arrived and will soon be followed by evergreen azalea that are now in 4½” pots. All it takes is our special azalea potting mix, nutricote fertilizer and ¼ teaspoon of ironite to get the azalea plants on their way.

In the sales yard, the Weston type azaleas are still blooming such as the pink Popsicle and Innocence which is a fragrant white. Mock orange is another fragrant white flower blooming now consisting of at least 4 varieties. Then too the sweet bay magnolia and clethra are not far behind.

Now that spring is past, summer is still a busy time!