Well, it finally happened, we have brought out many trees and shrubs although not all are ready for sale such as the gorgeous Ruby Falls redbud and Forest Pansy.

Our summer baskets of annual flowers are finally ready too to provide color for the remainder of summer with a greatly reduced price as we do not have the burden of supplementing the growing process with expensive heat. Even the smaller blueberry patch is ready early although our 3 gallon plants will not be available until August as originally planned.

Our clematis selection is quite diminished as customer’s ooh and awe over the well established clematis outside the perennial house called ‘Comtesse de Bouchard’ Photo that is a lavender pink that will bloom well for at least a month. About July 13th, almost 500 clematis will come from Minnesota to be potted for next spring’s sales. Following this potting will be at least another 200 from a company in Florida that provides unusual varieties from Poland and Estonia.

The flowers in the beds surrounding the parking lots have been planted although the planting is diminished this year due to a lack of product as we normally will plant “leftovers” from the greenhouse and this year there were no leftovers. In the future, we will plan what will go into the beds just as we do for the gutters of the Owl Barn and perennial house plus along the road.

Work will begin on some more paving around the driveways and pathways to make navigation for customers easier and to create more runoff in order to capture more rainwater for our irrigation ponds.

Always looking to do something new.