While we have moved up from the growing area much stock that was formerly not ready and committed it to inventory, we have this past week scrubbed our entire inventory from the internet as it was too far off. In any business, inventory is quite a headache to keep accurate but especially in the plant business as plants may die, they grow and change size and so on.  This past week we have taken a new inventory of all trees, shrubs, perennials and roses to give our customers a more accurate reading of what is available and has now been posted again online.

Another project to get going is our G-scale train that has been in storage for over two years.  Just sheer neglect of this toy that is a delight of children has been the reason for its absence.  No doubt, the children will be excited to see it again.

Many of the perennials have arrived along with clematis plants so the various projects around the nursery have ended for right now as we pot up these thousands of plants that will grow, develop and bulk up as we say for next spring’s sales.  Already orders have been placed for perennial plants for potting next spring and including many trees and shrubs although some inventory from the growers is not available as of yet.

As far as perennials, as many as 1500 creeping phlox of at least 11 varieties will be potted up for next springs sales.  The plants will be given a weak dose of slow release fertilizer as we seek to give them just enough to get growth underway but not give them so much as to cause an explosion of growth in the fall.  Other perennials, like coneflowers, must have a low salt reading (fertilizer) as they will surely not overwinter.

No shortage of work here!