The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea along the road have put on their array of the strawberry blush against the large white blossoms. So easy to grow in full sun or partial shade.

Another winner is Bobo growing to 3-4 feet and now a cluster of three is in the lower garden and packed with flowers.

In the lower garden is a row of Limelight Hydrangeas in the background and again in full bloom on shrubs that are six to seven feet. Unfortunately, all these paniculata varieties are prone to deer browsing when the flower buds are forming so that a spray every two weeks during bud formation is a requirement. Most likely the total number of sprays of a product such as Deer Stopper would not exceed three.

All of our clematis planting has been accomplished along with many other varieties of perennials. Now, the only thing remaining are a collection of Helleborus that are due in September and then in early October for the new varieties of fancy peonies of one called tenufolia and lactifolia which are the garden peonies.

Itoh peonies we now buy well established get shipped in spring from the Netherland Bulb Company and Monrovia Nursery in Oregon.

The compact growing Baby Blue spruce will also be back in stock in a 6 ft. balled and burlapped size and are all locally grown.

Things have been better in the rainfall department so that everything looks good for August and hopefully September.