The last (well almost last) of the perennials for next spring’s sales came last week and have now been potted. This includes a brand new line of Ajuga (Bugleweed) for 2021 called “Feathered Friends” that was propagated and grown by our friend Chris Hansen up in Zeeland, Michigan!

Please remember to use all your Dayton Dollars as there is an expiration date of September 3rd. If you spent more than $100 during our sales period and you did not receive your Dayton Dollars, please contact me via [email](mailto:mail to: immediately so that I may re-issue the card before expiration.

Our Fall Sale is coming up in which many items of a wide variety are discounted to half off the regular price. Keep in mind that not all items are discounted and that back stock is not included.

Trees, shrubs, roses and herbaceous perennials are the normal fair but the sale would not include asters and chrysanthemums that are now showing color or getting ready to show color.

Weed control never seems to end as usual although the weed discs on top of the plant containers seems to do the trick.

More trimming and spacing of shrubs is in the works as more stock comes online from the growing area.

The Owl Barn Market has done well this year as I believe many enjoy the smaller store with less crowds to practice better social distancing. We sure do miss the free popcorn though.

So there’s the latest scoop!