The grave blanket construction is going strong as the sunny, dry weather has made it a joy as we don’t have to worry about getting the truck stuck in the field. Not only have we been cutting Scotch pine but white pine tips and Colorado spruce branches that will remain on the outside in the shade as to not cause deterioration of the product if it were in the greenhouse too soon.

truck full of branches galehouse grave blankets nov 2020 cropped

In addition, we have brought up the poinsettias from the rear growing house even though they have not quite finished the coloring of the flower bracts during the shorter days of November. The annual greenhouse is kept on a cooler temperature at night at about 62ºF that results in a crisp coloring of the bracts that embellish the already bright colors. Soon Cyclamen and Christmas cactus will be added to the display for a more complete selection.

bringing poinsettias up greenhouse 2020 B cropped

Finally, after a weather and wind delay last week the last of the winter storage huts for the trees and shrubs has been covered as temperatures at least at night have cooled enough so that there is no worry about overheating.

To get ready for Christmas too is the decorating of Dwarf Alberta Spruce and boxwoods with a string of lights and hand made ribbons so that the trees are ready to set on a patio or a table inside.

As a reminder to all our gardening friends in deer country to spray deer susceptible plants such as rhododendron and taxus with Deer Stopper about Thanksgiving.

Deer Stopper all sizes dn reduced

It’s always something.

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