Today is the birthday of our 16th president born on this date in Kentucky in 1809. It is said he walked as much as 9 miles one way to go to school which is phenomenal by today’s standards.

Many shipments of unrooted cuttings have arrived and so much so that all our available area for supplying the cuttings with intermittent mist is entirely full even with a large batch of geranium cuttings being removed after finally rooting. The geraniums will be used for 6½ inch pots as well as 1 gallon for the vigorous Calliope brand and more hanging baskets.

The time to get projects done is growing short although work will continue until hopefully we can finish.

Late next week, bare root roses will arrive only to be trimmed and root pruned and then to be potted and tagged and placed under what we call minimal heat as the temperature is not to fall below 28-30º F. After that will follow hydrangea that must be slowly heated and will be used for Easter plants as they will be forced into bloom with the additional heat and then can be planted outside when the damage of frost is over so that the tender new growth is not damaged.

Next comes a massive shipment of perennials which must be processed and potted quickly. Many of the bare root plants must be split resulting into two or even three plants so they are able to fit into trade gallon plants.

Temperatures here run about 55ºF so they are ready for sale about May 1st.

And it’s just the beginning.