Well the nursery is open and it’s good to see customers again. We have been super busy but the week of March 8th we will receive a huge load of perennials plus our first shipment of bare root trees from Oregon.

The overwintering houses remain open most days for ventilation and for keeping the growth of the stock in check so that it is more in line as if it were outside all winter.

The repair and maintenance projects have all been completed as now there is no time to mess with them as we are in the full phase of the production mode.

Beginning in two weeks, stock will be arriving from Oregon in which almost all of it will be temporarily displayed in our movable roof house called the Cravo. It’s an ideal place to temporarily store the stock as when the weather is bitterly cold, the roof and sides can be closed and yet when the weather might be quite warm, the roof may be completely opened for ventilation and rainfall to water the plants although the folds of fabric on the roof prevent water from getting on the plants unless there is a moderate wind to drive it underneath and then for which we might have to resort to hand watering until early April.

Then about the first week of April, unless the weather is bitterly cold, we will move both the balled and burlapped and container stock into the sales yard as fast as we can. By this week the irrigation system will be up and running so that it will be much easier to water the stock automatically as the irrigation clock that controls the large pump that irrigates between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Then comes the heavy task of healing in the balled and burlapped stock to keep it from falling over and drying out.

No doubt it will be a very busy spring.