As the single early and Darwin type tulips have begun to bloom in a kaleidoscope of colors you’ll think you have stepped into Holland.

The nursery is buzzing with excitement as the creeping phlox is quite a sight to see along with the floriferous display from the blossoms of the Pieris and early blooming rhododendron.

On Friday we will receive our massive shipment of flowering dogwoods and hope to have them setup and tagged for Saturday sales although it is difficult to work around customers that are excited by the warmer than usual sunny days.

The rain last Sunday morning and some on Monday was a welcome sight as the soil was getting too dry and our irrigation water was getting low necessitating water brought in from the polluted Van Hyning run.

I was wondering if April showers were going to bring May flowers this year!  Although 40 wagon loads of product have been brought out of the storage houses at least another 40 are waiting to be plucked.

About May 15th, another load of arborvitae and wester red cedars will arrive as they seem to be the big hit as they were in 2020 and why not as the fast growth, hardiness and deer resistant Green Giants make a great screen, windbreak and noise barrier.

Even now potting still goes on for small fruits and then more trees and shrubs.  I get tired just thinking about it.