Tomorrow, May 8th is traditionally the busiest day of our year and for which we prepare for ALL year ’round. A Mom is quite treasured as the family searches for that “perfect” gift since Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May the official Mother’s Day.

The potting of trees, shrubs and perennials is finished although we are still receiving stock from a variety of sources. Our next load of Green Giants and Emerald Green arborvitae was slightly delayed because of labor shortages but should arrive on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

The tulip display is just about finished as we have another wave of annual flowers planned for early June and later in October we will plant more tulips from the Netherlands that are already ordered.

While shopping you may notice an increase in how many carts we have! This past winter we added another 12 carts. This new type of cart is very popular because it has a push handle, a child seat and 2 tiers. Let us know how you like these new silver carts as they are quite pricey and we would have to set aside some money to buy a few more!

The waterfall in our botanical garden has not been running as it needs a new float but unfortunately with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is not top on our priority list.

Then, once the hustle and bustle of May ends, will will begin potting even more perennials and shrubs for either summer or next spring’s availability.

No doubt, the cycle will never finish.