Last Sunday (Mother’s Day) was quite a bust as the rain continued all day with a brief period of snow. Then, Thursday morning brought a severe frost in which our water pump for irrigation had to work overtime to protect the new growth and flowers on our stock.

But things are now looking up as nights are progressively warmer making it look as though the planting of vegetable gardens can begin in earnest as days will finally be in the 70s with the warming ground temperatures.

A delivery from Canada on Thursday replenished our stock of lilac trees and the Siberian Pea tree with some bare-root trees included for later availability. The later than normal delivery was due to labor shortages which has been the case in agriculture and other industries.

Plant supplies have been tight as we struggle with the high demand. Fortunately we did significantly increase our supplies of perennial flowers so that stocks of almost everything should remain in good supply until the middle of June.

Orders for almost all nursery stock and perennial plants have been entered for 2022 as several suppliers mentioned that orders for next year were already flooding in.

No doubt, this will year and the next will be very interesting.