As it heats up in late spring, it’s necessary to spray a white shade compound on our greenhouse roof in order to cool down the internal temperature and keep our shade plants from burning from the hot sun. It’s a scary job to walk along these tall roofs to spray the shade. Thank you Alec and Julian for coming in early to perform this necessary task!

While a large back stock of water is available in our irrigation pond, we have been judiciously operating the system on manual mode in order to save water in case of a prolonged dry spell.

The beneficial insects released weekly in our greenhouse is doing a great job keeping down aphids, thrips, spider mites and white fly as they have a voracious appetite for the “bad” bugs and the result in a pesticide free greenhouse containing thousands of annual flowers and vegetable plants plus perennial flowers. In addition, the calcium chloride is out in full force so that we are now chemical free.

We have done fairly well in restocking of shrubs and trees but some areas are still experiencing shortages because of our own supply and that of our suppliers which in some cases we will not have adequate supplies until July as our spring potting program was quite extensive.

Well, that’s it for now as we work hard to make sure our customers have a good shopping experience!