While the hot weather has continued, adequate rainfall so far has been the norm with about one inch of rain per week which is causing gardens and lawns to grow in an early spring like manner.

The new Russian bees at the Seiberling farm are busy pollinating a variety of plants and promise to have a greater degree of winter hardiness that cause the death of many hives.

Russian bee hive 2

Every year Chuck Seiberling plants one batch of sweet corn that is a GMO type to prevent spraying for insects such as the European corn borer. Some customers do not like it and others don’t want the non-GMO corn sprayed with insecticides. On the radio I asked Chuck in a interview about the product when I asked him if customers would buy sweet corn with worms and his reply was no. Then with customers wanting a no spray, no-GMO sweet corn, his reply was that he doesn’t know what to do. It is a no-win situation.

The Owl Barn Market will open in just a few short weeks hopefully with Marietta sweet corn ant tomatoes but we have yet to receive final word. Then, around July 15th or so we will welcome Seiberling’s famous sweet corn into the market.

Also to note, the Blueberry Festival will be held July 24th with a possible name change as many of the activities we normally have will not be scheduled but we will still celebrate the blueberry, have a live DJ, some fun for kids and a hayride around the property. We decided to keep this first festival a bit mellow as we get back into the swing of things. Largely the festival is held outside and open doors in the Owl barn will allow for adequate social distancing as mask wearing is now deemed unnecessary outdoors according to the CDC and Governor. Should be a fun time for all.