To say the least, the perennial sale has been quite popular except for the fact that some of the most popular items are selling out quickly as a buy one, get one free offer is hard to resist. The problem lies therein that we are not buying items elsewhere to replenish the stock as frequently as the wholesale price is higher than our retail price!

The sale will most likely end about July 15th as new production will come online again as the masses of stock are depleted.

The Blueberry Festival is officially on for July 24th. The Blueberry Festival will be free to all except if any purchases are made on stock or produce in the Owl Barn and includes the usual music, food and hay rides.

Almost all the orders for spring 2022 are now done as already stocks have been getting low of certain items. Then, starting in about 2 weeks, more of our early spring stock in a wide variety of material will become available replenishing our stocks that are depleted with other perennials and some shrubs following in mid to late December and even for next spring.

What a chore to keep track of inventory!