While rainy weather threatened the Blueberry Fest early Saturday morning, skies began to clear and by 9 o’clock, there was no rain in sight.

A good time was had by all young and old with music, hay rides and the bouncy house for children. The bouncy house was particularly popular as it seemed full all day during the festivities. Hay rides particularly were always filled even though we added another wagon that increased the capacity by one third.

The market and the nursery were exceptionally busy as Marietta sweet corn and other produce went out in bags and boxes. Sadly though Seiberling sweet corn was not ready for the festival.

At the nursery, potting has been halted as we must take cuttings of a wide variety of plants including but not limited to azalea, hydrangea, some rhododendron, franklinia, viburnums and willows. The main reason is that there is time for warm weather and long days to root the cuttings although the bottom heat from the boiler and artificial lighting could be instituted but at greater expense. Then, it’s back to potting as more and more shrubs and herbaceous perennials arrive.

In the market we are now shifting to more local produce from Seiberling Farms and Bauman Orchards as it becomes available. Ohio sweet corn seems to taste the best as the local supply are very fresh and something in Ohio soils seem to give the produce that extra kick. Combined with more than adequate rain has made the produce extra productive according to Chuck Seiberling.

Enjoy the summer as soon as it will turn into fall and sadly the bleak winter will arrive afterward.