I just wanted to remind our Garden Club members to use up their Dayton Dollars as the last day for redemption is Thursday, September 2nd as our annual fall sale starts Friday, September 3rd for Garden Club members only.

Not all items will be on sale as much of our stock is grown right here and will go into winter storage to be available next spring. Coming up afterward is our [Fall Family Fun Day](http://www.daytonnursery.com/seasonal/fall-festival/) on Saturday, September 18th with several events for children and adults alike and this year will be a free event.

Several customers have been asking for chrysanthemums and right now the only ones available are the Igloo mums to be followed by all kinds of different mums including cabbage, kale, asters and pansies. The anticipated date of arrival is about August 20th although many of the mums will only have a hint of color.

Potting continues on several shrubs and thousands of more perennials in August and will include some in September culminating in the finish of peonies in early October.

The weeds are largely under control for now but the heat and moisture makes for a recipe for more germination of these “manvaise herbs” AKA weeds.

But, as far as plants that are not weeds, the hydrangea and perennial hibiscus are in their prime right now in the botanical garden. WOW!

IMG 2730

And to finish off this week, we were finally able to take some time and do a summer inventory of all plant material so that hopefully now our online availability is more correct.