The mum season is all but over and now replaced by the arduous task of putting more stock away for winter and taking inventory of that stock. We have begun removing plants from the perennial house that fortunately has already been inventoried. The clean up of the ebb and flow benches is as usually for the end of October before we will go into the mode of assembling branches for grave blankets.

Around the time plant consolidation is done, another huge task is the planting of 17,000 flower bulbs which may be even before the frost kills the annual flowers. Following this endeavor is the covering of all the winter storage huts followed by irrigation of all stock before heading into winter as a hard freeze in temperatures of 10ยบ F or lower will for sure kill roots if the stock is on the dry side.

A host of repair projects is in store for the winter, as well as the production of annual flowers, and so much more that the winter just melts into spring which seems at a quick pace.

There is no rest here even in the winter!