Dayton Nursery Garden Club & Rewards Program

The Dayton Nursey Garden Club & Rewards Program is a FREE club where you will receive special sales and discounts, newsletters plus earn rewards on purchases!


  • Free Seasonal Newsletters
  • Weekly E-mail Newsletters with special offers
  • Exclusive sales, special offers and discounts
  • Purchase history
  • Dayton Dollar Rewards (see below)

The most valuable aspect of your membership are the exclusive discounts and private invitations that are emailed to Garden Club Members only!  We have lots of special sales for members throughtout the season so check your inbox often.

Dayton Dollar Rewards

Get rewarded just for shopping with us!

As a Dayton Nursery Garden Club member, you’ll now receive a $5.00 Dayton Dollar Reward for every $100 spent during our rewards period! Your Dayton Dollars will arrive in your mailbox around July 5-10th and can be used until late August!

Accumulation Period:
September 1st of the prior year to June 30th of the current year. Rewards are not accumulated during the rewards redemptions period.

Rewards Redemption Period
July 1st to August 31st (depending where Labor Day falls)

Be sure to mention your Garden Club status every time you shop at the nursery to receive your Dayton Dollar Rewards

Purchase History

Sick of keeping track of all your receipts? Let’s do it for you!

When purchases are made under your Garden Club name, your purchase history will be stored in our database. Tracking purchase history is very beneficial with plant warranty claims and trying to remember plants you have purchased in the past.  For example, if you can’t recall what kind of grass seed worked well in your yard, simply provide your name or phone number and we can check purchases back several years.




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Privacy Policy

We will never share your email address, phone number or home address with anyone.  If you ever decide to cancel your membership, just contact us to opt out.

The fine print: Commercial and landscaper accounts are not applicable to receive Dayton Dollars.  Dayton Dollars are non-transferrable.  You must present your garden club card or give account name to cashier prior to each purchase to ensure points are accumulated correctly.