All Summer Blooms

From spring to fall, you can have it all!

You’ve been asking… what plants I plant that will bloom all summer??  Well, we have the answer!  The following plants have blooms that will go all summer or off an on all summer….

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Hummingbird Mint
Colorful flowers bloom all summer. Most plants are compact with superb branching. Blooms mid to late summer with an exceptionally long bloom time.  Plants are fragrant, attract butterflies and hummingbirds and are deer resistant.

Displays attractive mounds of green leaves and large cup-shaped flowers from summer to fall.  Once in bloom, remove faded flowers to promote additional flowering.

Trumpet Vine
Trumpet Vines will quickly climb to 30′ or more when given adequate support!  The brilliant trumpet-shaped flowers of orange or red bloom in summer.  Training is easy but regular pinching and pruning is necessary to become established.

Red Valerian/Jupiter’s Beard
A foolproof perennial, this is a good choice for beginners.  Fragrant, tiny florets cluster together to form dense, showy heads which are held above the gray-green, upright, bushy masses of foliage.  Blooms early to late summer.

Beginning in midsummer and continuing into early fall in some climates, brilliantly colored flowers stand in rows on wiry, gracefully arched stems that are perfect for cutting.  The broad, sword-like leaves are attractive even when the plants are not in bloom and, from a design standpoint, are effective for adding a spiky textured element to the landscape.

Ice Plant
Succulent-type plants that are generally low-growing and very drought resistant. Plants require well-drained soil and full sun. Do not plant in soil that is wet during the winter. Use near the front of the border or in rock gardens.  Also does well planted on a slope.

Dicentra (some varieties)
Bleeding Heart
Rosy-pink heart-shaped flowers filtered by finely cut soft grayish-green foliage. Creates a soft, delicate display that doesn’t know when to stop blooming. Dicentra is most at home in woodland settings.

Blanket Flower
An easy-to-grow perennial with large, daisy-like blooms of red and red/yellow.  Very similar to Coneflower, but shorter. Gaillardia will look great near a walkway, path, porch or in the front of the perennial garden!

Bee Blossom
Gaura gives the garden a wonderful informality with it’s long, wispy stems of spider-like flowers.  It responds with a profusion of flowers when watered regularly during the summer heat.

Saucer shaped flowers bloom from June to October. Pinch rather heavily after flowering to encourage blooming throughout the summer. This perennial can be a very useful weed smothering, tight nit groundcover. It is at home in almost any soil as along as its well drained.

Bright colored flowers with a prominent, showy cone. Plants remain compact and flowers are held nicely above the foliage, excellent branching for continuous bloom all summer.

Hemerocallis ‘Stella d’Oro’
Yellow Dwarf Daylily
Prolific ruffled golden flowers have a green throat.  One of the earliest to bloom and re-blooms until frost. Use as an accent or would also make a nice ground cover. A dwarf, growing to just 12-15″.

English Lavender
Vigorous growers producing a profusion of purple flowers all summer long!  Makes a splendid low hedge or specimen plant and ideal for cutting or drying.

Malva sylvestris
Hollyhock Mallow
One tough group of perennials!  Mallows bloom in abundance from early summer to frost on these robust, shrub-like plants.   Heat and drought are no problem for this plant.  Will fill empty spaces in your garden in no time!

Verbascum will add a pretty and dramatic vertical accent to any garden.  Cut the main flower spike to encourage further blooming.  Be sure Verbascum receives well-drained soil as wet soil will often lead to its demise.  Full sun is also required.

Highly valued for its ease of growth and long bloom time.  It should have a place in every garden because it goes with everything. Try combining it with yellow such as Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’, Black-Eyed Susan, Daylilies and Shasta Daisies


Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’
Bigleaf Hydrangea
Blooms on both old and new wood for large, colorful flower mops all season long!  Remarkably hardy and more mildew resistant than other varieties.  You can be confident that you’ll get flowers every year all season long with Endless Summer.

Cheery blooms in various colors bloom from late spring until fall on these low growing mounded shrubs. Does best in full sun and will flower all summer if trimmed in late June or July along with fertilizer and water.

Magnolia virginina
Sweet Bay Magnolia
White fragrant flowers with yellow centers on-and-off all summer.  Flowers resemble Gardenia blooms.  Grows to 15-20′.

The Knock Out® Rose Series
Shrub/hedge roses are great choices for hedges, garden boundaries and make ideal companions for shrub, perennial and foundation gardens. They grow no taller than 4 feet and offer more interest than any other hedge, providing flowers from spring to late fall.

My Bouquet Rose Series
Easy to grow, disease-resistant roses with velvety, flora-Tea double flowers of various colors with dark green foliage. These roses re-bloom every 45 days on compact plants with more flower power and longer vase life then traditional varieties! Use for borders, solitary plantings, containers, patio pots, or as a hedge.

Syringa ‘Bloomerang’
Bloomerang Lilac
Fragrant purple flowers burst forth in spring and then again in mid-summer and continue right up until frost. It has a compact, full growth habit and small leaves that make it the perfect shrub for smaller gardens.

Viburnum ‘Summer Snowflake’
White flowers bloom almost all summer. iburnum grows well in a shaded or partially shaded location, showing great fall color.