Annuals & Hanging Baskets

Brightens landscapes and front porches from summer to fall.

Annuals, especially when planted in masses, will brighten up an otherwise boring landscape all summer and fall.

Soil Preparation

To prepare a bed for annual flowers, spade grass and weed-free soil deeply to about 6″.  If the soil has a lot of perennial weeds and grasses in it, it is advisable to elimiate these with an herbicide.  Wait about one week for the herbicide to kill the weeds.  Next, apply a 2-3″ layer of Sweet Peet or compost and mix into the soil to a depth of 6″.


Fertilize every 3-4 weeks with a liquid fertilizer such as Jack’s Classic.  An alternative to liquid food is granular slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote 14-14-14.  Apply as directed only once at planting time.

Annuals for Sun or Light Shade

New Guinea Impatien*
Dark-Leaf Wax Begonia

Annuals for Light Shade or Shade

Impatiens *
Green-Leaf Wax Begonia
Dark-Leaf Wax Begonia
Tuberous Begonias
Non-Stop Begonias

* New Guinea Impatiens in pots or hanging baskets may need light shade on a hot, sunny summer day.  Regular impatiens may not do well in areas of dense shade.  For sunny areas, use Sunpatiens or Spellbound Impatiens.

Hanging Basket & Container Tips

  • Hang or place in sun or shade depending on variety
  • Bring inside if the night temperatures drop to below 55 degrees F.  Cool nights will stunt annual flowers.
  • Fertilize every 10 days with a liquid fertilizer.  Water with the fertilizer solution until it drips through the pot.
  • Clean baskets by periodically breaking off old flowers, dead leaves, and dead or dying wood.
  • IMPORTANT: Plants that need water will droop slightly.  Water hanging baskets with 1-2 gallons of water when very dry.  About 1/2 to 1 gallon will be enough on average. Make sure water drips all the way through.  By feeling the weight of the pot, with experience, you will also e able to tell when a plant needs water.  If the plant is moist all the way through, don’t water it as watering too often will rot plant roots and cause wilting.  Reiger and non-stop begonias over-watered will rot off.
  • Fertilize every 3-4 weeks with a liquid fertilizer such as Jacks Classic.  An alternative to liquid food is granular slow-release fertilizer.  Apply Osmocote 14-14-14 as directed only once at planting.