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Great Things Come in Small Packages! Miniature Vegetables for your Garden

Saturday, January 26 – 11:00 am 

Speaker: Jacqueline Kowalski -Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources OSU Extension, Summit County

As the interest in container and small space gardening has grown, so has the interest in miniature vegetables. This presentation will discuss growing requirements, production practices, and variety selection (both new and heirloom) of miniature vegetables that will add appeal to your plate.

Natives for Wildlife & Conservation

Saturday, February 2 – 11:00 am 

Speaker: Robin Christensen  – Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, OSU Extension, Portage County 

Native plants, even though not as popular as newer cultivars, are very important for every landscape. Plus, they have several advantages including low maintenance requirements, low water use, erosion control, reduce the use for pesticides, and most importantly, they are essential for wildlife. Join Robin Christensen, OSU Extension Educator, to learn about these plants and how these natives work hand-in-hand to support birds, pollinators, and create a backyard habitat that fits into your landscaping goals.

Theme Gardens for Pollinators

Saturday, February 9 – 11:00 am 

Speaker: Denise Ellsworth – Program Director, Honey Bee and Native Pollinator Education Department of Entomology/Extension The Ohio State University (Wooster)

Gardens for pollinators can be just as unique as the individual gardener. No matter your passion — herbs, roses, cut flowers, perennials or trees — plants and features can be selected to create habitat that benefits pollinators, including bees, birds and butterflies. This session will focus on the practical steps gardeners can take to create or enhance habitat, including plant selection and simple design elements. By creating a patchwork of garden spaces that provide food and shelter for pollinators, gardeners can positively impact the health and survival of these important creatures.

Identifying Birds by Call

Saturday, February 16 – 11:00 am 

Speaker: Carol Zeh – National Audubon Society Member

Learn how to bird… by EAR! Learning to recognize birds by their voice is very valuable. This skill will help build your birding skills and love of birds while impressing your family and friends! We will break it down by bird type, listening and repeating each bird’s call and giving mnemonic clues to help remember each bird such as the Barred Owl, hoots who cooks for you and a Baltimore Oriole who song resembles here, here, come right here, dear. Join our friend Carol through this journey into the melodic world of birds.

Photo courtesy of Draiss Photography

Getting to Know Perennial Maintenance

Saturday, February 23 – 11:00 am 

Speaker: Laura Deeter – Professor – Horticulture Technologies; Program Coordinator: Landscape Horticulture and Horticulture Science; Ohio State ATI

Magazines, internet pictures, and books all portray these perfectly behaved ‘babies’. Then we get them in our personal garden and the plants simply refuse to behave! They get up late, refuse to stand up straight, bully their siblings, and in general don’t look at all like the pictures. Learn tips, tricks and techniques for helping your perennial babies be on their best behavior, so you, too, can be a fantastic perennial parent!

Marvelous Magnolias

Saturday, March 2 – 11:00 am 

Speaker: Tom Dayton – Dayton Nurseries, Inc., owner

With more than 200 species, Magnolias are one of the most popular landscape plants in the whole world and for good reason. This diverse group of trees vary in leaf shape and plant form, including both glossy evergreen and deciduous types. Their bloom ranges from star to saucer-shaped in a scent reminiscent of a French perfume.  And, plus, they are not liked by pesky deer. Join Tom Dayton on a tour through this group with a bit of history, culture, growth habits, planting and pruning techniques plus a photo gallery of the most common species and cultivars.

What's New for 2019

Saturday, March 9, 2019 – 11:00 am 

Speaker: Tom Dayton & Karen Martin – Dayton Nurseries, Inc

From trees to shrubs to perennials to annuals plus happenings around the nursery, find out what is brand new for 2019 from our very own Tom Dayton and perennial greenhouse manager, Karen.  Participants in this talk will get a photographic view of the neatest and newest introductions in the world of plants (and some tools), chosen by the experts at Dayton’s.

This very popular talk is usually well-attended so sign up early!

Metor Shower Verbena, shown.  Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

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