Professionals in the garden industry on various topics sharing their vast knowledge with us.

**2024 Winter Seminar Series – Information to Come

2023 Winter Seminar Series: Seminars are held Saturdays at 11:00AM 

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February 18 What’s in A Name? Understanding Branding, Patents, and Trademarks

Speaker: Jason Veil, Curator Secrest Arboretum, The Ohio State University – Wooster Campus
Fee: $10.00 per person
Why do so many plant variety names consist of a cryptic combination of letters and numbers? Why are they also named after items on the dessert menu or phrases on the back of a romance novel? Consumer horticulture has become a daunting deluge of patented plants with cute, catchy proprietary names. It can be as bewildering to seasoned professionals as it is to casual Dayton Nurseries shoppers. This presentation will attempt to cut through the confusion with a discussion of the basic rules of plant nomenclature and the rationale behind patented plants and trademarked names.

February 25– Natives, Nativars, and Cultivars, Oh My!

Speaker: Karen Martin, Perennial Manager at Dayton Nursery
Fee: $10.00 per person
A perennial queen’s quest to answer the age old question, which is better? Straight native plant species are plants that occur in the wild and reproduce without intervention from people, but does this make them better for your landscape? In this presentation we will dive deep into what it means to be a Native, Nativar, or Cultivar. We will answer questions such as: When and why to use each? How can I find Natives? Does it really make a difference?

March 4– Backyard Blueberries  

Speaker: Tom Dayton, Owner, Dayton Nurseries
Fee: FREE Presented by The Summit County Farm Bureau
How many plants can you think of that offer three seasons of interest, attract wildlife, fuel your body, and are easy to grow? Blueberries have been a Dayton specialty for many years. We have carried over 40 varieties through the years and are excited to share with you our knowledge! Discover all this plant has to offer to your landscape and why we love them so much so that we even celebrate them with their own festival!

March 11– The Benefits of Bird Feeding and How to Do it Successfully

Speaker : Carol Zeh, Audubon Member
Fee: $10 per person
Today, more than 50 million Americans put out almost a billion pounds of bird feed each year. In fact, according to Wikipedia about one in three adults feed wild birds in their own backyards. Come learn more about the relaxing hobby that helps people feel more connected to nature, and is now known as the second most popular hobby in America. Shhh… Gardening is listed as the number one hobby!

March 18– What’s New for 2023

Speakers: Tom Dayton & Karen Martin
Fee: $10 per person
From trees to shrubs & perennials to annuals, plus all the happenings around the nursery, find out what is new from our very own team. Participants in this talk will get a photographic view of the neatest and newest introductions in the world of plants chosen by the experts at Dayton’s. This very popular talk is usually well-attended so sign up early!

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