Online Plant Availability

Up to the minute in stock data for hardy trees, shrubs, perennials, roses, vines & more.

Online Plant Availability

Availability of plant material varies constantly by the day, hour and minute.

Because of this, we offer a current availability module on our website.  The inventory listed is LIVE directly from our database.  While it is not always completely accurate, it is a helpful tool while shopping or planning your landscape.


IMPORTANT – This is a NEW online availability module that REQUIRES a user name and password to view prices.   Please use the following general credentials for viewing prices:

Password: 123

We strive to always carry inventory of the most requested items during the spring and summer season.  Prices and availability are subject to change at any time.

As an added service, we have added later availability dates to certain trees, shrubs and perennials for your summer and fall planting projects.

Please note, we do not provide a shipping service at this time. However, we do offer local delivery within 50 miles of the nursery in Norton, Ohio.

Annuals and other seasonal plants are not shown in our availability module.


Looking for Plant Information?

The Perfect Plant® is an interactive module that categorizes plant, bug and weed information into an easy to find fashion.  The time and effort searching for plants and pest information is reduced with this handy tool.

We are the first and only garden center in Ohio with this amazing technology!

The data within this module was not written for us, it was written by us, assuring you the best and most accurate information for our NE Ohio lawns and landscapes.

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