We offer 3 different and varied approaches to landscape design depending on the scope of the project.

Whether its a patio, a privacy screen, an all-summer color perennial garden or the landscape around your home, you are ready for an update and we are here to help!

We offer a full variety of landscape design services and plant material to give your home that professional, landscaped look. We strive to stay away from the so-called “builders specials” and mass produced, cookie-cutter landscapes.

Our designers can compose an attractive and functional plan that is right for you!

Our designers will compose an attractive and functional plan quickly using hand drawn diagrams or digital prints using digital software and your digital photos.

With one of Dayton’s landscape designs you will receive:

  • A professional design or sketch
  • A design that works for you
  • Our advice to get you growing.


Advice and know-how to make your investment grow thrives at Dayton Nurseries as the plant business is our only business!

Not only does our advice pertain to landscaping, but covers the areas of lawn problems, insects and disease, fertilizing, proper trimming and much more.

Meet Our Design Team

Jeff Hemlick

Jeff Hemlick

Dayton Nursery In-House Designer

A Dayton Nursery team member for over 20 years, Jeff is our in-house landscape designer specializing in small scale design. His extensive plant knowledge and years of experience give you the reassurance of a plan that will work for you and your home for years to come. If you provide a few images and some dimensions, Jeff will draw a 4-season design that will make you the envy of your neighborhood!

Karen Gray

Karen Gray

Dayton Nursery In-House Designer

Our newest designer has a background in Art and Design, a wide knowledge of plants, and a lifetime of gardening experience. Karen is a self-avowed plant geek who loves to create visually compelling plant combinations for attractive and interesting landscape designs. 

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

JRS Lawn & Landscape

In business since 2004, Jeff Smith of JRS Lawn & Landscape is an ICPI certified hardscape installer and certified in landscape design, ponds, water features and tier one low voltage lighting. Because of the quality of their work, JRS has become our main installation company. Let Jeff & his professional crew install the landscape of your dreams!

Dayton’s offers the following approaches for landscape design:

With our step-by-step process, we can help you realize your vision with three distinctly different service offerings to suit your needs

We anticipate another busy landscape season in 2022! Please turn in design requests as early as possible as scheduling

tends to be out several weeks. We appreciate your patience.


 This plan is for more complex landscapes or for those who feel more comfortable having a designer take control of all aspects of the planning.

What to expect? 

  • A home visit by the designer to discuss the full scope of your project and to take necessary measurements and pictures. These designs can be a bit more complicated for which travel to the site is needed.
  • A full scale professional design.
  • A scheduled presentation at the nursery to explain the plan and show the plant material.
  • A cost estimate for plants, material, and installation, if applicable.

COST – Cost begins at $275 which includes the home visit and scheduled presentation. If the site visit extends over one hour, $85.00 per hour will be charged thereafter. 

Execution of design is also charged at $85.00 per hour.  Design costs will vary  depending on complexity of the design and development time.

For questions regarding our premium landscape design, please contact us below or send an email to


A project that requires a complete, but not complex foundation or other planting, whether it is new construction or renovation.  Utilize this type of design to meet your needs while keeping costs down. Customer is required to provide all measurements and pictures found in the Supply the Designer instructions.

What to expect? 

  • A professional design that is either hand drawn or computer generated
  • A scheduled presentation of the design at the nursery with the designer or knowledgeable staff member.
  • A cost estimate for plants, material, and installation, if applicable.

COST – By following the simple Supply the Designer instructions and providing all pertinent information for your project, we are able to provide a comprehensive, to scale design at a lower flat fee of $300.00.

To get started, please fill out the request form below.  You may be asked to provide your information and photographs before the design process starts.  

After the design is complete, an in-person presentation is scheduled to review the design, quote and plant material.

Inaccurate measurements or poor quality photos may compromise the quality of design and create unnecessary delays.


A very popular service, this plan asks you to Supply the Designer all measurements and pictures, then the designer will provide a quick sketch of the designed area. 

This service is for single family homes only. Businesses, churches, home owner associations, garden clubs, or any groups with committees are classified as Complete Plans or Premium Plans.

What to expect?

  • A fast, yet fully functional, hand-drawn landscape plan with basic symbols.  It may be rough scale or fully to scale depending on the area and information provided.
  • It is limited in scope to just one area, such as the front foundation, or a few smaller areas or planting beds.
  • A cost estimate for plants and materials.  A quote for installation will be provided upon request.

COST– This is a FREE service that is limited in scope but very effective for most design needs as long as clear color photographs are provided with accurate dimensions and the identification of the direction North.

Most of the time we are unable to complete these designs “on the fly” and we ask that you  email your information and photographs in order to get started.  After the design is complete, your design and quote will be presented at a time that is good for both you and the designer. 

Emails can be sent to

Inaccurate measurements or poor quality photos may comprise the quality of design and create unnecessary delays.


For both our Complete Landscape Design and Quick Landscape Design we are able to keep costs low by putting you in charge of taking proper measurements, pictures, and advising which way is North.

The direction North may be one of the most important pieces of information you give to a designer to help put the right plants into the right locations so that they thrive for you.

Detailed measurements should be rounded to the nearest foot (inches are not used and cause delay).

How to measure:

  • Start by drawing a rough outline of the area, including bump outs on the house, porch, sidewalk and driveway. Please indicate direction pointing toward North.
  • Take a measurement of each bump out, length of house, depth of porch and sidewalk. If you are not sure what measurements to take, please  bring a picture into the nursery for assistance or contact us via email with your questions.
  • If you wish to avoid “blocking” windows, please provide measurements from corner of house to window center, width of window, and height from ground to sill. 

You must provide:

  • Name, address and contact information.
  • Diagram showing measurements of areas to be designed and direction North.
  • Express to the designer your wishes for the design such as low maintenance, 3 seasons of color with evergreens in the winter, desired plants, unwanted plants, and colors you would like to avoid.
  • Pictures of area(s) to be designed (see below)


You must supply us with pictures of the area to be designed.  Luckily, this is easier than ever these days with phone cameras and email.

The best picture to provide capture as much as possible of your home or area to be designed.  Sometimes walking across the street to get a full view is necessary. Please also provide a closer view from several angles. 

For Quick and Complete Landscape Designs we will need picture files emailed to us or brought to the nursery.


Areas served: Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Wooster & Surrounding Areas

Type of Design Work Requested:

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