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Grass Seed

Hundreds of grass seed varieties are available today.  However, many of these are not suited for your climate or specific application.  Turf Perfect blends and mixtures include only improved varieties designed specifically for your region and application.  Each seed formulation is a result of worldwide scientific research, regional performance evaluations, and application-specific considerations.  We design each formula to exceed your expectations.

Dayton's Carefree Mix
This is for the lawn that will be abused! Once established, this seed will require little water due to its deep roots.  Will thrive if cut to any height. The low rates of Ryegrass and Bluegrass will really tie the lawn together by filling any voids.
: Tall Fescue Mix
Characteristics: Requires little watering; low fertilization requirements; a tough, durable mix
New Seeding Rate: 7-8 lbs/1,000 sq. ft.
Over-Seeding Rate: 3-4 lbs/1,000 sq ft.


29.4% 2nd Millenium Tall Fescue
27.45% Crossfire II Tall Fescue
19.6% Avenger Tall Fescue
14.7% Inferno Tall Fescue
6.9% Brooklawn Kentucky Blue

Fairlawn Mix
Perfect for the homeowner who plans to maintain his/her lawn with average to low fertilization.  This blend will give you quick establishment and the durable lawn you've been looking for. Great for patching!
Bluegrass/Ryegras/Fescue Mix
Sun, Withstands Foot Traffic, Drought Resistant
New Seeding Rate:
5-6 lbs/1,000 sq. ft.
Over-Seeding Rate:
2-3 lbs/1,000 sq. ft
30.80% Kentucky Blue Grass
14.75% Fortitute Creeping Red Fescue
9.85% Brooklawn Kentucky Blue
9.85% Protege GLR Perennial Ryegrass
9.85% Amazing GS Perennial Ryegrass
9.85% Homerun Perennial Ryegrass
9.85% Fiesta 5 Perennial Ryegrass

Fairlawn Shady
The right mix of fine fescues and ryegrass combine to give great shade tolerance and quick establishment. Will do better with less fertilizing.
Type: Fine Fescue/Ryegrass/Bluegrass Mix
Part Shade, Drought Resistant, Low Maintenance
New Seeding Rate:
5-6 lbs/1,000 sq. ft.
Over-Seeding Rate:
2-3 lbs/1,000 sq. ft
22.98% Gibraltar Creeping Red Fescue
22.98% Intrigue Chewing Fescue
22.98% Creeping Red Fescue VNS
9.85% Revenge GLX Perennial Rye
9.85% Overdrive Perennial Ryegrass
8.8% Kentucky Blue Grass VNS

Type: A great seed for new plantings or over-seeding of shaded turf that has become thin.  Once established, it sends it’s roots deep, enabling them to better compete with shallow tree roots.
 Improved tall fescues, deep roots, great for patching areas, very sturdy, all fescue mix
New Seeding Rate: 7-8 lbs/1,000 sq. ft
Over-Seeding Rate:
3-4 lbs/1,000 sq. ft
44.3% 2nd Millenium Tall Fescue
39.4% Inferno Tall Fescue
7.38% Intrigue Chewing Fescue
7.38% Edgewood Creeping Red Fescue

5-Way Rye
Each of the varieties in this mix has great turf quality, dark-green color, and improved disease resistance.  Ideal for overseeding thin lawns. Germinates in 7-10 days.  Will do well in clay or compacted soils. *This is available only by special order
Type: Perennial Ryegrass Blend.  Contains some of the highest performers!
Sun, Withstands Foot Traffic, Fast Growing


Click here for more information on fall seeding

Click here for more information on seeding a new lawn


Seed Calculator:


Step 1.  Choose your seed type:  

Step 2. Enter square feet of area to seed 


Answer: You'll need 

               pounds of  seed

** Use 1/2 the recommended rate if over-seeding**
** These rates are specific for Ohio and zone 5 ONLY**



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