The heat of summer has finally arrived even though according to the calendar it is late spring until the summer solstice. What good fortune in that the irrigation pond is brimming with rain water of such good quality that the plants will definitely show it. For the hot days, potting up new arrivals of perennial plants and shrubs in the afternoon is a welcome chore as it keeps us largely out of the hot sun.

Long overdue maintenance has been in full swing this past week including but not limited to pulling weeds, spraying weeds, mowing, trimming and cutting back shrubs and trees in the landscape. Persistent rain and wind has delayed this overdue chore so that it now is only being performed.

The greenhouse has run low now although many flowers are used to brighten up the landscape for the summer. Many trees and shrubs will be shifted to larger containers while new product constantly becomes available beginning in late June. One such plant is the creeping phlox which has been sold out since late last May. Another group of purple and pink will be available about July 1st as we actually rooted the plants from cuttings in mid-March. The large pots of flowers along the driveway are growing profusely with the warm weather and the warmer nights which definitely will aid in the growth of heat loving vegetables.

Timely to-dos are:

  1. Apply bicarb to ornamental and vegetable plants prone to powdery mildew.
  2. Apply a product now containing acephate to azaleas to kill lacebug which are very active and will require a follow up spray in about 10 days. A trade name of the product is called Bonide Systemic Insect Spray that can be applied with a hand sprayer or hose-end sprayer.

Happy gardening!