While temperatures have cooled significantly, no rain has fallen in the area for at least a month as lawns and gardens are starting to show their thirst. At the nursery, the recycled rain water that is stored is running low so that water from Van Hyning Run of less desirable quality has to be let in to the irrigation pond to supplement the nursery’s water needs. The flowers in the pots and beds along the entrance drive continue to grow and bloom prolifically as they are pumped with fertilizer each time they are irrigated..

Hungry aphids in the thousands destroyed some of the flowers in the landscape before their time last year but this year our diligence has paid off as they have appeared again only to be hit by successive insect sprays to keep them in check.

Some large pots of Chrysanthemums will arrive today with the full display of sizes and colors to finally be realized this coming Wednesday. Because of some abnormally early blooming, some of the smaller pots of chrysanthemums have been under-sized so that we prefer to wait for the next flush of blooming plants that are of a more saleable size. Surprisingly though, the normally earlier blooming Igloo mums are later this year in flowering which makes no sense especially with the cool nights of the past couple weeks. Every year is different so that it is almost impossible to predict when a variety of mums will bloom when it is supposed to bloom.

Next Friday will be the start of our annual 50% off sale of selected trees, shrubs and perennials of which I think our garden club members will find delightful as many items on sale will have a selection that is both broad and deep. Remember that Dayton Dollars expire on August 31st one day before the sale so that these “dollars” are just like cash when used for plants, fertilizer and so on except they are not valid on produce in the Owl Barn Market.

Remember too to open your e-mail about the sale for Garden Club members beginning September 1st for some other coupons as well as we will not be notifying our members by “snail mail” because of the astronomical cost of postage and printing.

Very important too is the notice on our sales lists that the quantity reported on our electronic inventory does not necessarily match the numbers available on sale as some of these plants are new stock in the rear growing areas and while they can be purchased, back stock is of the full retail price only!

The nursery will be open Labor Day from 8:30-5 p.m. and afterwards the sale will be open to non-garden club members. It is only fair that Garden Club Members get the first choice of stock. Hope to see you at the “Big” sale.