Surprisingly, chrysanthemum bloom time seems to be right on schedule although previously it appeared bloom time would be advanced by 10 days to two weeks. As always, the Dendranthemums have been a big hit because of their sheer beauty and extreme winter hardinesss. These mums are a product of the Aris Corporation (formerly Yoder Brothers) in Barberton, Ohio and have the trade name Igloo mums. Barberton used to be known as the 3 M city for mums, matches and mines. Well the O.C. Barber Diamond Match factory is gone, the limestone mine is now defunct, but the mums are still here and will be celebrated on Saturday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 24th in Barberton at the Mum Fest.

Gorgeous, freshly dug Baby Blue Spruce have arrived this week and are nearly perfect in shape and the alluring blue color of the needles. These beautiful conifers are not grafted but rather are a seed selection from Canada that was developed over many years.

Tomorrow though is the nursery’s annual Fall Fest that is for children and adults alike. Click on our website for the list of endless activities that will keep a family easily occupied all day.

Listen to our radio program on 1590 WAKR starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday the 23rd as I interview the Mayor of Barberton and the other movers and shakers that make the Mum Fest possible and be sure to check out our fantastic mum display at the nursery.