Last Saturday’s seminar on soils was well attended as the “mysteries” of soil were explored in order to turn those that consider themselves as having a “black thumb” to a gardener with a green one and making a good gardener even better. Even though only about two percent of the population of the Unites States are farmers all of us are indirectly tied to the land and thus productive soil as all of us do eat. No doubt the Ohio Farm bureau’s motto of “Could You Live without Farmers” does ring true whether a farmer here in the states or in a foreign destination far away that grows fresh produce for winter consumption.

Tomorrow’s program with Emily Mueller will reinforce our understanding of our relationship with insects that cross pollinate flowers and unknowingly expand the food supply with fruits, vegetables and berries. More specifically, the life of the non-native honey bee will be discussed including its pollinating activities, social bonds and its recent troubles concerning its pressures to its well being including destructive mites, pesticides and viruses that threaten to undo this indispensable insect.

At the nursery, we no longer employ neonicotinoides for insect control in the greenhouse or grounds except in the case of whitefly control on poinsettias as this class of chemicals has, with mounting evidence, been partly responsible for the decline of the honeybee.

All seminars are $8.00 for members of our garden club and begin every Saturday morning at 11 a.m. and finish at 1 p.m. Hope to see you there.