With the turn from the relatively cold April to May, the temperature department has finally risen to more spring-like weather. How amazing the effect of the sun and warmth has on the growth of the greenhouse products and the budding and blooming of outdoor plants.

Applying a crabgrass preventer is still not too late although it must be applied in the next few days as the crabgrass seedlings may have “popped” already.

Many of the more than 1000 azalea in our covered roof structure are starting to show color in their flower buds and will most likely be in peak condition for Mother’s Day. Hibiscus from the Aris Company in Barberton have finally arrived along with the Florida shipment of Caladiums and Elephant Ears that were delayed by more than a week due to the cold weather. Is it now time to plant peppers and tomatoes?  No!  The temperature of the ground must warm as well as the night temperature at preferably 55º F or a little warmer. Then too is still the danger of frost even after extended warm weather.

Saturday is a big day at the nursery as our radio program “Ready, Set, Grow” will be broadcast live from the Owl barn to be followed by “My beautiful Home” with Katherine Delong and Andy January . We hope you can come join us and invite you to ask questions during the broadcast.

Well it’s back to work as May to say the least is quite busy and difficult to enjoy fully during this crazy time.

Cest la vie!