With Mother’s Day this Sunday, sales in the greenhouse have been heating up just like the weather. Needless to say it is difficult to keep the annual flower greenhouse well stocked as hanging baskets and multiple other products must be loaded from the production houses to the “front” house. The Calliope geranium hanging baskets seem to be a big hit this year as they are very heat tolerant, will thrive in full sun or part shade and are a blooming machine.

In the perennial department, the plants have finally put on good growth after a slow start. Just finding all the new vanities in the production houses to load to the perennial house is quite the daunting task. With over 130 new varieties this year alone, things can get quite confusing.

The late single tulips are beginning to bloom on the grounds as well as the creeping phlox of pink and blue spilling over the bank below the Owl barn. What a sight to behold! The there is the gigantic Azalea Ethylwyn full of radiant pink flowers in front of a group of blooming red and white dogwoods. This azalea alone makes quite a show as it is no less than 6 ft. high and 6 ft. wide! Rhododendron Aglo, as an early bloomer is showing off it’s profuse pink blossoms as Azalea Herbert and Boudoir are now just showing color in their buds.

Let the May show begin after the long dark winter. Happy Mother’s Day!