Where did May go as we head into Memorial Weekend! Traditionally, Memorial Day was always on May 30th until Congress changed the date to always coincide with the last Monday of the month known as the Monday holiday bill. It was on May 30, 1889 that a dam broke during heavy rains at the South Fork retreat in Pennsylvania and flooded downstream Johnstown killing about 2200 people as the massive wall of water ravaged the town. Memorial Day is always the day we remember our deceased loved ones and honor deceased military veterans who have fought in numerous wars going back to even the American Revolution. Memorial Day is known as well as the frost free date for which to plant the heat-loving vegetables in the garden.

At the nursery, supplies of some of the greenhouse product are running low although trees and shrubs seem to be in good supply yet. Weed control has been very difficult on the grounds due to rainy weather and the craziness of this busy season so that we’re trying to get it under control this week.

Another delivery of Emerald Green arborvitae and Green Giant Western Red Cedar has arrived that will restock the mostly sold out trees. Needless to say that things are quite busy as we labor to move product from the back growing areas, plant and still serve the customers. Soon there might be some reprieve after the long hours of May.