With the colder and wetter than normal weather, we’re placing the small trees and shrubs into winter storage. There are still many trees on display and any stock put away can still be accessed easily for customers.

Flower bulb planting is still going on as we are going to finish up the last 4,000 this week with maybe another 1,000 to plant sometime in November. What a show it will be in the spring!


For more information on planting spring flowering bulbs, head over to YouTube and watch our video!

Planting of a wide variety of trees and shrubs can still be accomplished because of that necessary root growth before winter.

Maintenance and improvements on our water system will begin soon as we must insure that the water will keep flowing through the extensive irrigation pipes all over the nursery property.

New annual flower orders are finally done except now the planning of various uses of these flowers must go on such as how many in hanging baskets, 4½” pots, 6″ pots, 1 gallon and so on. Tropical plants from Florida have already been ordered and acknowledged with a few new varieties to this ever expanding palette. The last of the nursery stock acknowledgments are coming in now with some disappointing deletions of some newer hard-to-find items but hopefully most new requests will remain intact.

The perennial house is now largely shut down and will be ready for cleaning with the construction of the Christmas grave blankets.

Expansion of water lines in the greenhouses will result in the ability to water plants with different strengths of fertilizer or no fertilizer at all. Continuous improvements are the norm at the nursery. As “they”
say, if it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.